A dark gray day.

One_dark_green_day1 There are no colorful pictures today. The day was dark gray. We have learned that one of our external colleagues died in a fatal accident on Sunday evening. Just because. You get the message, open your eyes, clap your hands to your mouth and say the one sentence that suddenly becomes the common denominator in such situations: "Oh, my God!"

And then? You try to digest this message, imagine that the person is no longer there and just can not get it together with the perceived reality. We saw each other on Thursday, greeted, exchanged a few words ... worked together on an exciting food project that was launched a few weeks ago and was really well received. That can not be true now? What kind of a shitty shit, Universe?

The day passed very tough. I am sad and feel like an old, wrung, wet towel. And I can not even say that we knew each other for years or were very intimately connected. But we have worked together for a common cause, controversial discussions, shared the first sense of achievement and a few setbacks. And now this crazy guy bubbling with ideas and visions is no longer there with his incomparable creative will.

What will happen to his direct longtime colleague, his friends and his family? Inconceivably. Yes, that day was very, very gray.

I just opened the last bunkered bottle of my favorite wine.

Cheers, C. - You. Wherever you are now.